Learn about taxes

Everyone has to navigate the tax filing process at some point, but not all tax situations are the same. Learn about how to prepare and file taxes through the following simulations to remove the fear of Tax Day, forever!

Learners! Here are 3 short videos to get you started on your taxes learning journey. Click the arrows to navigate between videos. 

Categorizing tax types

Calculating tax requirements

Evaluating the purpose of taxes

TurboTax Simulation

Click the Filing Your Taxes simulation to begin. Once you have completed the first simulation, select one or more of the remaining simulations to explore how different life situations can impact your taxes.


Let's hear what students and educators are saying about our program.

Cristian (Student)
New Hampshire

The TurboTax Simulation has given me more confidence related to future tax filings by providing me with practical, hands-on experience in preparing and filing taxes. It allowed me to understand the process and identify potential deductions that my family might be eligible for, which I may not have been able to do on my own.

Ms. Boye-Doe (Educator)

The TurboTax simulation helped the students to understand the process of completing their taxes as most of them are starting to do their own taxes. Students started to take a more active role in their own finances, rather than allowing their parents to take the lead, because they had the knowledge to help support their…

Dianna (Student)

My biggest takeaway from the TurboTax Simulation was the importance of planning ahead and taking all relevant deductions into account. This knowledge will allow me to better understand the tax system and make informed decisions that will save me money.

Ms. Lobato (Educator)

A critical problem that our students face is not having had experience of the “real world” before they are suddenly thrust into it at 18. The TurboTax Simulation allows them to “get their feet wet” in a low-stakes manner and learn about some of the essential adult requirements of life they will be facing!

Interested in learning more?

You can also learn about taxes through Intuit for Education with bite-sized, simulated activities that utilize real-world tax tools like TurboTax and QuickBooks.  

Intuit for Education is a free financial literacy platform that offers a flexible and interactive curriculum with real-world tools to get students excited about finances and empower them to become the most financially savvy generation.